Stationary PF1

9-11 mc

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The range of PF Faresin stationaries is an ideal solution for biogas plants and for farms that use automated feeding systems. The features common to the PF series are the design of the augers and the body for a high quality of the mix, with the addition of being able to choose different sizes of the unloading belt and the availability of mounting electric motors with power up to 110 kW to meet the different needs in terms of performance and consumption.

Faresin Stationary PF1

1100 udm
Capacity 11 m3
Engine 22 Kw
(A) Length 5160 mm
(B) Height 2460 mm
(C) Width 2400 mm
(D) Roller Width 540 mm
Weight 3850 mm
UBA max* 55/85 from/to


  • Weighing Systems
  • Engine
  • Ports & Unlocking Belts
  • Mix
  • Mixing Tank
  • Control Unit
  • Loading Into Container

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